Welcome to Grue Radio, a 24/7 music streaming station! Music, especially in video games, is what bridges us from reality to the fantasy world. Our goal is to share this magic of music with all of you-- Join us any time of day to enjoy our handpicked tracks from classic video game titles!


How many tracks are in the playlist?

(To Be Announced)

How long are all the songs in total?

(To Be Announced)

Can I use this station while live streaming on YouTube/ Twitch?

We'd be flattered! Just know that you do so at your own risk of any copyright infringements. (I've carefully weeded out any songs that I think may be flagged/ DMCA’d, and am very confident that the playlist is safe, though I have no guarantee.) If one of our tracks for whatever reason DOES cause a copyright claim, please email Grue at so that it can be removed from all playlists.

What inspired you to make an internet radio station?

As a Twitch streamer, one of the unspoken joys of being live is sharing my love of music and introducing people to new things! In regards to creating a radio station for such a purpose, our inspiration comes from another YouTube radio station, Krelez. Please check them out!

How Does Grue Radio work?

Grue Radio is powered by HostWinds, and allows us to be live 24/7!


Manager and Mixer
Web Developer
Back-Up Developer